Marika -<br /> Hi ! I hope this finds you well. I'm eager to try the latest BO S-R (8), but need to ask ANYTHING done to tighten-up the Compiler?


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Comment by CFee on June 11, 2019 at 11:02am

Marika -

I was specifically hoping to see compilation to output images that incorporated the antialiasing we see in the viewport display, as USED to be the case in previous editions oF BO-2, and was a PRIME selling point - successfully - for BO-1. Didn't see anything, but hoping. I realize the output pipeline USED to include the antialiasing result and might not any longer, and I fully realize that BO-6 (and last releases of RH-5 not admitted to) has Antialising in the primary Rendered and Ghosted Viewports has been DISABLED in a misguided attempt to force migration to "Raytraced" as a replacement for Rendered Viewport and NEON, BOTH HIGHLY successful (we've "discussed this way too many times not to trigger a memory of some past "discussions" ... ;-) !  ) . I TRIED to compensate by upping my output resolution, hoping to reduce the noticeable effect at final compilation, but it seems there's an upper resolution limit, preventing success. As a result, I'm FORCED to go from start the compile, take lunch, collect and publish results after lunch, to try to explain to the client that same day HIGH QUALITY service using YOUR product is now END OF THE WEEK service, at best. I know this isn't BONGO, but dragging the necessary admissions from RHINO was utterly painful, and I was HOPING you guys had noticed a change in output results and could offer some guidance. Marika - I REMAIN a HUGE FAN of BONGO, and SINCERELY thank you and your Team for a wonderfully executed product ! Thanks again - C.

Comment by Marika Almgren on June 11, 2019 at 4:00am
The list of changes can be found here:

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