Bongo 2.0 Service Release 6 Candidate 1 is available

Hi everyone,

A Bongo 2.0 SR6 Release Candidate 1 is now available: Bong20_SR6_RC1_20161215 

Bug fixes and improvements for this release:

  1. The buttons handling the View mode of the Animation manager (Tree or IK) can no longer be switched off. They now truly act like radio-buttons.

  2. The BongoCheckForUpdates command as well as the Bongo menu item ‘Check for Updates…’ were dysfunctional. The software also didn’t check for updates on-startup. It does from now on.

  3. When two (or more) keyframes were dragged simultaneously along the timeline to the left and a new positions coincide with a previous one(s) then the overlapping keyframes disappeared. The same happened when the timeline keyframe context-menu ‘Move…’ (with negative value) caused overlap. This is fixed.

  4. In the Tweening section of the KeyframeEditor the ‘Match incoming’ checkbox wouldn’t switch when multiple objects were selected. It now does.

  5. With Custom tweening set (in the KeyframeEditor) the Easing setting was still taken in account, although Easing was grayed-out. Now every Easing setting is inactive while Custom tweening is set.

  6. The tweening-setting ‘AutoEase’ was triggered when the difference between the parameters for Simple Constraints LookAt and ToPath in 2 adjacent keyframes was less than 0.1000. In the CurveEditor the handlebars were set horizontal. This threshold is eliminated, meaning the parameters have to match fully for AutoEasing to take effect.

  7. The CurveEditor window automatically zoomed when an attribute was being edited via the KeyframeEditor. This ‘auto­zoom’ resized the vertical aspect of the display by making the handlebars completely fit in the window. Now the zoom factor of the Curve Editor remains unchanged while editing keyframes.

  8. An option “All types" is added (beside ‘Object View Light Layer Document Content’) to the BongoCopyKeyframe, BongoDeleteKeyframe, BongoDeleteKeyframe and BongoRemoveAllEntityAnimation commands.

  9. The Z-coordinate of ViewConstraints (camera and target) wasn’t updated properly when previewing the animation. This is fixed.

  10. For a newly initiated Simple Constraint the end-keyframe was set to end of the (visual part of) Timeline when this exceeded the Animation stop. Now it is set at the Animation stop position.

  11. The Script version of BongoRenderAnimation command now accepts a non-existing path in the output option.

  12. When the Bongo plugin wasn’t not loaded in Rhino the Bongo Video Texture wasn’t available in the New-Texture-dialog. Now it is. When selected Bongo loads automatically.

  13. Looping didn’t take its effect on Morphing although the Looping-markers did show up. Now the Looping is effective.

  14. Although Bongo’s Video Encoder accepted any FPS (frames per second) values for the MPEG codec (while only certain values are supported) the output video was always 29.97 fps. Now, when an invalid value is entered, a dialog gives a warning and an overview of useable values.

  15. When it became inactive Bongo’s KeyframeEditor window vanished behind a Floating Rhino Viewport. It now always stays on top.

  16. The Object pivot size is adjustable via Bongo’s Document Properties. The setting now not only affects the size of the pivot but also of the letters X, Y and Z accompanying the pivot.

  17. When Objects’ Properties (attributes and material) and/or Layers are being animated it is somewhat puzzling (although logic) that changes made outside Animation Mode are immediately undone as soon as the timeline is operated. The situation is more or less similar to Views being animated. Because it is easily forgotten a Property is controlled by animation, a popup dialog similar to the one of Views is installed.

  18. With the use of the BongoRotate command a new keyframe didn’t show up in the timeline until the object was deselected. Now the timeline updates in real time.

  19. The BongoRotatePivot command now "remembers" the previously used angle.

Please report any problems on the Discourse.

Enjoy, Luc

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