Bongo 2.0 Service Release 2 Now Available

Hi all,

Bongo 2.0 SR2 is now available from:

The complete list of changes in this Service Release is below.


 - Marika


  • BongoCopyChain command added.
  • BongoOrientPivot command added.

Bug Fixes:

  • Tweening type setting sticks in options dialog.
  • Morphing validation fixed.
  • Jumping fixed on multiple view path constraints.
  • IK stiffness UI visible after re-selection of object(s).
  • "All" option added to BongoScaleKeyframe command.
  • Expired evaluation shows dialog with buy option.
  • BongoScaleKeyframes command effects loop and animation limits.
  • AddToGroup and RemoveFromGroup commands update animation manager.
  • Animation Manager Expand All menu option remembers item state.
  • Timeline display range taken into account when opening a model.
  • Option added to update UI depending on render content selection.
  • BongoPivotLock command is back.
  • Crash fix when deleting animation set directly after duplication.
  • Timeline blue keyframe selection ribbon appears.

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