Bongo 2.0 Service Release 1 Now Available

Hi all,

Bongo 2.0 SR1 is now available from:

The complete list of changes in this Service Release is below.


 - Marika

2013-12-11: Public Service Release 1


  • BongoRemoveAllEntityAnimation command added.

Bug Fixes:

  • Object properties UI updates when switching tabs.
  • Flickering of object properties UI reduced.
  • IK chain members ignore their parent transforms when setting up their original position/scaling/rotation at tick 0.
  • Expired evaluation does not pop up "view animated, do you want to disable" message anymore. It forced a refresh.
  • HD resolution choice added to render animation dialog.
  • Fixed curve parameter and normal cache for constraints.
  • Switching between animation sets clears IK caches.
  • Light and object selection event fixed.
  • Proper disabling of entity event watcher when Bongo put to sleep.
  • Links into help file fixed.
  • Help hooked up with Rhinos properties page.
  • "Remove animation" only affects the current animation set.
  • Zoo clients will not request a license on startup.
  • A zero camera constraint weighting won't cause a camera jump anymore.
  • Expressions all set to english.
  • Deleting a non active animation set updates the document correctly.

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