Bongo 2.0 Release Candidate 1 Now Available

Hi all,

Release candidate versions are production ready and feature complete.

Rhino 5 users are encouraged to download and try this release candidate of the animation plug-in Bongo 2.0.

Bongo 2.0 RC 1 is now availabl
e from here.

Rhino versions supported:  Bongo 2.0 requires Rhino 5 Service Release 5 or later. The latest service release of Rhino 5 can be downloaded from  

Have fun!

-          Marika


New Features in Version 2.0: 

    - Mechanical constraints (Inverse Kinematics)
    - Morphing
    - Multiple animations per file
    - New curve editor
    - Improved UI including keyframe editor and timeline
    - Parameter animation for materials, environments, sun, textures and many more features.
    - Expressions

Notes:  This is the current beta release of Bongo 2.0 for Rhino.  Bongo 2.0 will read Bongo 1.0 files, but will save Bongo 2.0 data only.  This data cannot be read by Bongo 1.0, so please backup any files before using them in Bongo 2.0.

The complete list of changes in this release candidate is below:

2013-08-05: Release Candidate 1

- Only supports Rhino 5 (32- and 64-bit)
 - Available in different languages

Bug Fixes:
- Adjustments to the keyframe editor tweening settings and document properties page.
- Constraint parallel views going into endless loop of messages -problem fixed.
- View flipping fixed.
- Animation tree has an Expand all option.
- Better undo in the expression editor.
- Grayed out monitor controls have been fixed.
- Groups selected in document highlight in animation tree.


  - Marika

Marika Almgren
Bongo Product Manager
Robert McNeel and Associates

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