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Beta versions should be production ready but may not have all the features or a final user interface.

Bongo 2.0 Beta 5 is now available from http://download.rhino3d.com/Bongo/2.0/beta/download/

This is the fifth Beta version of Bongo 2.0 for Rhino 4.0 and 5.0.  The beta is open – you no longer need Bongo 1.0 to run it. We’ve been working hard on this, and we think the new features are a great addition to the product, but there’s still some way to go, so please let us know if you find any bugs or if there are features that you think we should still be considering.The full documentation isn’t there yet, but you’ll find a number of tutorials on the new Bongo website at https://bongo3d.ning.com/ which demonstrates the power and flexibility of the new features.  


Let me know if you find them useful!

Have fun!

- Marika


New Features in Version 2.0:

- Mechanical constraints (Inverse Kinematics)   

- Morphing   

- Multiple animations per file 

- New curve editor   

- Improved UI including keyframe editor and timeline   

- Parameter animation for materials, environments, sun, textures and many more features.

Rhino versions supported:  Bongo 2.0 requires a Rhino 4.0 CD key on the download page.  Bongo 2.0 Beta testing is limited to Rhino 4.0 and 5.0 users.  Rhino 4.0 Service Release 5 or later is required to install Bongo 2.0 and can be downloaded from http://www.rhino3d.com/download.htm 


Notes:  Bongo 2.0 is a complete re-write of the Bongo plug-in.  Most of the functionality of Bongo 1.0 has been replicated, but there may be some areas where Bongo 2.0 does not yet match the 1.0 functionality.  Please let us know if you find these issues.Notes:  This is the current beta release of Bongo 2.0 for Rhino.  Bongo 2.0 will read Bongo 1.0 files, but will save Bongo 2.0 data only.  This data cannot be read by Bongo 1.0, so please backup any files before using them in Bongo 2.0.

The complete list of changes in this Beta release is below:
2011-07-29: Public Beta 5


 * Step Tweening

 * Expressions

Bug Fixes:

 * Curve control and timeline synchronization improved.

 * Curve control zoom and pan made more usable.

 * Curve control grid drawing improved.

 * Curve control got controls for zoom window, zoom extent and show/hide tree.

 * Keyframe editor displays the sections correctly now.

 * Keyframe editor border on edit boxes has been fixed for Windows 7.

 * Crash bug fix which happend on complex parent-child setups (inherit settings).

 * Timeline and keyframe editors keyframe synchronization improved.

 * Rhino 4.0: Bongo UI updates when drag/drop a 3dm file onto Rhino. 

 * Minor bug fixes.

 * IK: joint axis mixup fixed when multiple priority levels on joints;

  * IK: Joint axis now enabled for rubberband and telescopic joints.

  * 64-bit support for Video encoding from Render Animation command.

  * 64-bit support for Bongo Video Texture.  


  - Marika

Marika AlmgrenBongo

Product Manager

Robert McNeel and Associates



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Comment by Marika Almgren on August 23, 2011 at 5:51am

Hi all,

We've made some fixes to Bongo 2.0 Beta 5 and decided to release Beta 5a.
Bongo 2.0 Beta 5a is now available from http://download.rhino3d.com/Bongo/2.0/beta/download/

2011-08-23 Beta 5a

Bug Fixes:

  * Boolean keyframe interpolation fixed. Effected for example the animation of layer On/Off-ness.
  * Change button size on entity properties page.
  * Added hard coded strings to localization file.
  * Changed view properties page caption.
  * Fixed the tooltips on view property buttons.
  * Renaming of object names used in expressions will modify expression to match new name.
  * Animation Set Dialog got a cleanup.
  * Fixed a crash bug in Animation Manager.
  * Changed icons on constraint and named view dialog.
  * Named View Animation dialog: active view selected now on startup, keyframes deleted when option enabled.
  * Timeline: delete ticks does delete instead of insert.


  * Added duplication of animation sets.


  - Marika

Marika Almgren
Bongo Product Manager
Robert McNeel and Associates


Comment by Thomas Debnam on August 10, 2011 at 10:29am

Fantastic! it worked great.


Thank you so much for your quick response...!


Thanks again.



Comment by Marika Almgren on August 10, 2011 at 3:31am



Could you please try this:

Download this RunTime library file.


and install it. After that download and install Bongo 2.0 Beta 5 again. Does it work?


- Marika


Comment by Thomas Debnam on August 10, 2011 at 3:26am



I have had problem installing this latest version of Bongo 2... I am trying to use it with XP, and it comes up with the "Rhino Plug-in Error" box... could this be something to do with it using the RDK... because that comes up with the same error when it loads aswell...

Has anyone else had problems when trying to use the latest release with Windows XP...?


Sorry... Thanks for your help!

Comment by Marika Almgren on August 9, 2011 at 12:44am

Yes, no problem.

I'll do that when we announce the next Beta.


Thanks for pointing this out.


- Marika

Comment by Danny Boyes on August 8, 2011 at 8:26am

Hi Marika,


When announcing the latest release, can you add as a discussion as well as a blog  This way you can feature the discussion and replace Bob's announcement at the top of the forum which links to beta 2.

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