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Beta versions should be production ready but may not have all the features or a final user interface.
Bongo 2.0 Beta 16 is now available from here.

This is the 16th Beta version of Bongo 2.0 for Rhino 4.0 and 5.0.  The beta is open – you no longer need Bongo 1.0 to run it.  We’ve been working hard on this, and we think the new features are a great addition to the product, but there’s still some way to go, so please let us know if you find any bugs or if there are features that you think we should still be considering.

The full documentation isn’t there yet, but you’ll find a number of tutorials on the new Bongo website at https://bongo3d.ning.com/ which demonstrates the power and flexibility of the new features.  Let me know if you find them useful!

Have fun!

-          Marika

New Features in Version 2.0: 

    - Mechanical constraints (Inverse Kinematics)
    - Morphing
    - Multiple animations per file
    - New curve editor
    - Improved UI including keyframe editor and timeline
    - Parameter animation for materials, environments, sun, textures and many more features.
    - Expressions

Rhino versions supported:  Rhino 5 or Rhino 4.0 Service Release 5 or later is required to install Bongo 2.0 and can be downloaded from http://www.rhino3d.com/download.htm

Notes:  Bongo 2.0 is a complete re-write of the Bongo plug-in.  Most of the functionality of Bongo 1.0 has been replicated, but there may be some areas where Bongo 2.0 does not yet match the 1.0 functionality.  Please let us know if you find these issues.

Notes:  This is the current beta release of Bongo 2.0 for Rhino.  Bongo 2.0 will read Bongo 1.0 files, but will save Bongo 2.0 data only.  This data cannot be read by Bongo 1.0, so please backup any files before using them in Bongo 2.0.

The complete list of changes in this Beta release is below:

2012-02-08: Public Beta 16

  * Timeline limits bar color configurable.
  * Timeline keyframe color configurable.
  * Colors option seperated from options dialog.
  * Defaults button added to options dialog.
  * Object keyframe menu allows to selection of objects.
  * Buttons on Animation manager to switch between default and IK view.
  * Added BongoResetPivot command.

Bug Fixes:
  * New animation set name now called Animation instead of Document.
  * BongoAnimations command changed to BongoAnimationSets
  * Fixed crash when dragging control points.
  * Controls rearranged on render animation dialog.
  * Fixed crash when autosave executes during loading of Bongo (MessageBox on screen).
  * Removed duplicated file types from render animation dialog.
  * Fixed crash when animating lights.
  * Dragging of timeline limits bar fixed.
  * UI application settings removed from SDK.
  * Removed object and view copy, move, delete and add keyframe commands.
  * Keyframes do not get deleted when crossed over by another keyframe while dragging.
  * Rhino’s scale command does not reset the object pivot anymore.
  * CameraToObject and TargetToObject constraint only add one keyframe when assigned.
  * BongoScaleKeyframe command rounds non-integer numbers correctly.
  * Copying values out of the object monitor works now.
  * Reset option added to BongoMovePivot and BongoRotatePivot command.
  * Animating a sphere sets the pivot to the center of the bounding box.
  * Copy, move keyframe dialog gets focus to edit box and reacts to return press.
  * Camera zoom (lens length) change adds keyframe in animation mode.


  - Marika

Marika Almgren
Bongo Product Manager
Robert McNeel and Associates



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