Curve Editor


The Curve Editor


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The Curve Editor allows you to graphically edit the speed of the changes in your animation. The Curve Editor shows exactly what is happening with the tweening. For example, if when you change the Tension, Bias and Continuity values for object movement, you see the effect immediately in the Curve Editor.


To access an object for editing

  1. In the Keyframe Editor, select the keyframes.
  2. In the Curve Editor, the handles activate.
  3. Drag the handles to adjust the curve.


To open the Curve Editor

  • Open the Curve Editor from the Toolbar button, the Bongo menu, or the Timeline Context menu.


Curve Editor Window Navigation


Change the view of the Curve Editor window using the mouse.

Scroll the mouse wheel to zoom in or out in the Curve Editor window out to get more room.

Drag the right mouse button to pan in the Curve Editor window.


Frequently asked questions about the Curve Editor


How can I move the handles to adjust the curve manually?

Change the tweening settings for the object in the keyframe editor to Custom and you will be able to move the handles.



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