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Bongo Global options


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Change global Bongo settings


Command: "Options" - switch to "Bongo" on the Rhino Options section of the dialog.




Close Encoder When Finished


When Bongo has finished writing an animation, it will automatically close the Video Encoder. 


Redraw only active view


Determines whether all, or only the active view are updated during scrubbing or preview


Show Splash Screen


Controls whether Bongo displays its introductory screen at start up.  The information can still be displayed if this is unchecked by using the BongoAbout command.



Smooth Scrubbing


Controls the "Smooth Scrubbing" option - see the Timeline documentation for further details.


View Based Pivot Size


By default, the Pivot Size will get bigger when zooming in and smaller when zooming out.  This option will make the pivot stay the same size when zooming in and out.


Initial Values


By changing the values in this area, you change the default value for the different settings.




Using the color swatches in this area, you can customize the color of almost every aspect of Bongo’s display and user interface.


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