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Animation Sets in Bongo 2.0


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You can access the Animation Sets from the Bongo 2.0 Menu, or by typing in the command BongoAnimationSets.

The whole idea is to provide the ability to run several completely separate animations on the same model. 

In Bongo 1.0 in order to get a new clean file you had to save the model in different files. No more need for that, the Animation Sets gives you a new clean model every time.


When to use Animation Sets?


For example a car model animation.

In Animation Set 1, you make the car drive around.

In Animation Set 2, you make the doors and windows open.

In Animation Set 3, you do a view animation inside the car, showing the exterior.


How to use it?


  1. Animate your model.
    This creates the Default animation set.
  2. On the Bongo menu, click Animation Sets.
  3. In the Bongo Animation Sets dialog box create a new animation.
  4. Make the new animation current and click OK.
  5. Animate the model.

Bongo Animation Sets Options


Start a new animation.


Copy the selected animation set data as the basis for a new animation set.


Delete the selected animation set.


Rename the selected animation set.

Make Current

Make the selected animation set current.


How do I know which animation set I'm currently using?


You can see this in the Animation Manager. The name of the current Animation Set should be shown on the top of the Animation Manager.

In this example image the  Default Animation Set is in use.


Can you animate the change from one animation set to the other?


No unfortunately, it's one set/timeline range.





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