Animating Named Views


Named Views Wizard



The Bongo Named Views wizard lets you set up a view animation that passes through a number of named views. Named view animation is especially good for architectural walk- or fly-through animations.


To animate named views

  1. Use the Rhino "NamedView" command to set up named views.
  2. Use the "BongoNamedViewsWizard" command to add the named views to a list to animate.


Named Views Wizard dialog box


Animated view

The view to be animated.



The named view names.



The number of ticks to pause the animation at the named view.


Add named views

In the Choose Named Views dialog box, check the views you want to animate. The order the names appear in the list is the order in which they will be animated.


Move up

Move the view name up in the list.


Move down

Move the view name down in the list.



Delete the named view from the list.


Number of ticks between keyframes

The number of ticks spaced between view keyframes.


Create new animation set

Creates a new animation set using these views.


Add to current animation set

Adds the view animation to the current animation set.


Remove previous view keyframes

Deletes any view keyframes already set.



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