Animate Video Texture


Animating video textures in Bongo 2.0

You can now animated Video Textures in Bongo. It's an easy and fast way to get a texture animated. All you need is a video file an the rest is easy. The Video Texure can also accept numbered sequential frames. You can use it for materials, decals, displacement, environments, backgrounds...basically anywhere you can use a texture you can now use a video.


Supported Video file formats are: AVI, MPG


To animate a video texture:

  1. Make a new Custom/Basic Material
  2. Assign the material to the object you want to have the video texture on.
  3. In the color slot, choose to add a texture as the color. From the list of textures choose Bongo Video Texture.
  4. Choose the video file you want to add as a texture.
  5. Move the Timeline slider to the tick where you want the video file to stop playing and press the Animate -button.
  6. Set the frame number to as many frames you want the video to play, and a keyframe should be created on the timeline.



Video tutorial

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