House of memories

House of Memories is a new experiential form proposed to replace the existing, traditional columbarium. With House of Memories, Concepts & Images wants to introduce a new kind of space that is empathetic to grief and to the importance of remembering our loved ones passed.

The proposed space is inspired by the egg form. This beautiful natural shape references both the vulnerability and primal strength of the oval shape, reflecting the essence of life. The spacious and bright interior will offer a compassionate space. You will feel comfortable and safe to reminisce and experience those precious memories. This space houses individual compartments. Like life - where each of us plays a part to make a whole - these compartments make up a bigger picture.

Separate from this is a space specifically designed to reminisce in private, to experience through image and sound the life of loved ones no longer with us.

House of Memories is not only a place to store the ashes of loved ones but is also a place to momentarily relive their lives; to recollect and help you realise the importance of memories that shape your life.

Life is experience and emotion...

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