Unlimited support


All McNeel products include support. Our staff, development team, trainers, dealers, and expert users around the world would love to help and hear your suggestions on how we can improve our products.


Getting Started


What's new in Bongo 2?

There's plenty of help to get you started in our collection of articles, videos and tutorials.


Support options


  • FAQ - the most commonly asked questions are answered there.
  • Forum - The Bongo discussion group is monitored 24x7 by experts around the world. It is usually the quickest and highest quality support available.
  • Email - Please email us when you have something that is of a more confidential nature.
  • Phone - To help us clearly understand your problem, please call (206) 545-6877 during office hours. We would be delighted to hear from you.

Business hours (8am-noon, 1pm-5pm Pacific Time)


If none of the above works, contact me directly. Email or call +1 (206) 634-4577. I'll try to find someone that can help. - Bob McNeel 

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