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Getting Started with Bongo

Basic documentation


Getting Started

Basics 1 - Simple Object Animation

Basics 2 - Simple View Animation


Animation Manager

Curve Editor

Keyframes & Keyframe Editor

Render Animation

Video Encoder

Choosing a video format for your animation

Object Properties and Constraints

View Properties and Constraints

Repeat Action with Looping

Bongo Document Options

Bongo Global Options

Animation Sets

Example Files


Basic Tutorials


Animate Object Properties

Using Looping

Multiple Constraints and Weighting

Animation Hierarchies

Simple Morphing

Sun Animation

Video Textures

Named Views Animation

Layer Visibility

RPC Animation

Rotate and then move


Video Tutorials


Animating Waves

How to use expressions

How to animate morphing

Layer animation

How to use the curve editor to control speed

Basic IK

How to animate Named Views

How to animate Video Textures

Robot ball arm animation

Sun animation

Turntable Animation with Bongo (Part 1)

Turntable Animation with Bongo (Part 2)

Turntable Animation with Bongo (Part 3)

Bouncing; a matter of Tension

How to get Automatic Easing to work for you

Simple constraint versus IK

The conception of an IK chain: the scissor arm

Whys of IK


Advanced Tutorials



Inverse Kinematics

How to animate a parallelogram

Robot Arm Animation Using IK

Piston Animation Using IK





Check out the Bongo FAQ page


Still using Bongo 1.0?


Download the full User Guide From here

Bongo 1.0 Tutorials and FAQ -page


Bongo Legacy forum


The old forum can be found here

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