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“You have to be an administrator to run the switch” - error message

DE ES FR IT KR 繁 Right click on the BongoVersionSwitch.exe file and choose Run as administrator. Now you should not get the error message anymore and the Version Switch should start up. View »

Frequently asked questions about Bongo

DE ES FR IT JP KR 繁 Usage Questions   How do I use the new RPC feature in Bongo 2? How do I get rid of the white dotted lines and the IK text in the view? How do I use the new… View »

Can I use Bongo 1.0 and Bongo 2.0 on the same computer?

DE ES FR IT KR 繁 Yes, by using the Bongo Version Selector. In the Bongo 2.0 folder in: C:\Program Files\Bongo 2.0 (32-bit Windows) C:\Program Files(x86)\Bongo 2.0 (64-bit Windows) you… View »

Video Gallery FAQ

All videos added to this page will show up under the Gallery. If you want your video to also show up under a specific tab, please follow these instructions: Tutorial tab Here will all the videos go t… View »

Animate Video Texture

DE ES FR IT KR TW Animating video textures in Bongo 2.0 You can now animated Video Textures in Bongo. It's an easy and fast way to get a texture animated. All you need is a video… View »

RPC Animation

DE ES FR IT KR 繁 Animating RPC objects in Bongo 2   Rhino 5 supports RPCs and some of them can be animated. With the help of Bongo 2 you can now animate the animated RPCs inside Rhino 5.… View »

Layer Animation

Bongo 2.0 supports Layer animation. Being able to animate Layers makes it easy to turn specific objects on and off. Video Tutorial Layer Animation View »

Animating Named Views

DE ES FR KR IT 繁 Named Views Wizard     The Bongo Named Views wizard lets you set up a view animation that passes through a number of named views. Named view ani… View »

How To Morph A Simple Shape

KR How to morph a simple shape in Bongo 2.0? Start by drawing a simple Plane in Rhino. Type in BongoTimeline on the commandline, to Start up Bongo and get the Timeline. Select the Plane and… View »

Simple Morphing

DE ES  FR IT KR 繁 M is a special effect in motion pictures and animations that changes (or morphs) one image/objects into another through a seamless transition. With th… View »


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