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Move/copy animation data from a view/object

You can move/copy the animation data based on: Object View  Light  Layer  Doc using the commands: BongoSaveEntityToFile - this will save out the data to a file BongoLoadEntityFromFile… View »

Covert Evaluation to Full license

Convert Evaluation Version   Evaluation versions of Bongo can be converted to full standalone licenses or floating licenses from the "Licenses" page in the Options dialog.  You will need to… View »

Z-up Problem

What's causing the Z-up problem? When using a constraint that does not specify the way the Z-axis of the pivot faces (for example, look at constraint, path constraint), Bongo assumes that you want… View »

Display problems with Bongo

Are you having problems viewing your Material or Layer visibility animation in Bongo?   This is unfortunately caused by a display problem in Rhino 5. Since there will unfortunately not be any… View »

How to combine multiple animations?

If you have more than one animation that you would like to combine into one long animation. This is what you do: 1. Open up the first animation/model that you want to renderer. 2. Go to the Render A… View »

How to get rid of Bongo data from a file?

In order to remove ALL Bongo data from a file, you have to do the following: Type in -SaveAs on the command line. When prompt: Save file name <C:\Users\Usernamehere\Models\Examplefile.3dm&g… View »

Sample models

Some example models done with Bongo 2.0. Download UniJoint.3dm Download balls.3dm Download Bolt.3dm Download Excavator.3dm Download& View »

Looking for the Bongo C++ SDK?

Download it from here: Bongo 1.0 C++ SDK Bongo 2.0 C++ SDK View »

Tutorial - Rotate and then move

Animate an espresso machine In this tutorial example we animate how to remove the coffee filter from the espresso machine. To remove it you first have to rotate the handle and then move it. Please… View »

Move/Rotate Object's pivot

How can I change the pivot place? Bongo puts the pivot automatically to the center of the Rhino bounding box of an object. If you want to move the pivot to another position, you use the command: M… View »


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